Chloe attended Plymouth College of Art & Design from 1995-1997 completing a national diploma in design crafts as a jeweller. In 1998 she started Glazed and Amazed, producing raku animal sculptures in a crackle glaze finish in her workshop found in the Tamar valley which she shares with her ceramist partner Chris Hawkins. She is inspired by worldwide animals  & the local wildlife found on the land surrounding the workshop, which is set in 6 acres of woodland on the banks of the river Tamar.  The Tamar Valley has a long mining history and the workshop itself stands close to one of these mines. Tin, copper and tungsten were once mined here and  the  whole  valley  is  rich  in  minerals, some of which are used for glazes and colour. Chloe experiments with different raku techniques, resulting in the work she produces today.


Puffin fishing

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Raku fishing Puffin decorated with coloured slips to create the vivid colours that make them stand out.
The fishing Puffin has a mouthful of sand eels, which are made individually making each Puffin unique
19cm High

Puffin scratching


In raku pottery 13cm High

Puffin standing


In Raku Pottery 19cm High

Small Puffin Standing


Standing 11cm high 

Small Puffin nesting


Nesting 10cm long