Artist Michelle Allen was searching for the right career when she found her passion creating whimsical home products to sell at the local street market. One year later, Michelle, her husband Gary and then one-year-old daughter, moved to the Northwest USA and began selling her products at the famous Portland Saturday Market. Over the next few years, she attended art fairs throughout the US and began selling directly to retail stores. In 2000, and after the birth of their second daughter, Michelle and Gary began to expand the buisness and decades later Michelle's work retails around the globe under Allen Designs including here at Little Blue Budgie.

Bird Desk Clock


This Bird clock with legs is perfect for sitting on a flat surface. This clock is great for those who don't have wall space.
Size: H 20cm x W 10.5cm x D 10.5cm


Blessed Nest Clock


This charming birdhouse clock is a timeless favorite. Blessed Nest is the prettiest cerulean color, with big pink flowers, green leaves, and happy blue birds. Full of hand-painted details, this a piece of art you'll to keep forever.
Size: H 42cm x W 19cm x D 5cm

Flower-tea-ful Clock


This whimsical wall mounted clock is designed by Michelle Allen, made from resin and then painted in the fresh colour palette with hand painted clock hands and swinging pendulum. This clock represents red teapot with the flower as a pendulum and requires 1 AA battery.
Size: H 42cm x W23.5cm

Mountain Time Clock


This beautifully hand-crafted Mountain Time Clock is definitely one of our very favorites. We absolutely adore the pheasants adorning the sides and the mountains in the background
Size: H 38.5cm x W 22.5cm x D 5cm


White Kitty Clock


This white cat is sitting so daintily with her crown of colourful flowers atop her head. Her bright blue eyes and dark lashes seem to sparkle with joy.
Size: H 35.5cm x W 19cm x D 5cm