Little Blue Budgie

Timeless Curiosity by Nikki England

Timeless Curiosity presents a range of Steampunk inspired resin-set jewellery and mixed media gifts. All items are hand crafted by Nikki England at her home in Nottingham, UK.

I began experimenting with resin and cogs when recovering from an operation. To start with, it was a hobby shared with my two daughters Jasmine and Lily. In April 2014, we had our first stall and created Timeless Curiosity.

I still enjoy playing with recycled cogs and gears, vintage sheet music, glitter, charms and resin to create Timeless Curiosity jewellery.

I find the intricate nature of the watch cogs and gears both beautiful and fascinating and enjoy combining them with colour or vintage sheet music to create layers of interest within individual pieces. I like to showcase these ‘retired’ workings in a way that indicates their previous functional lives whilst they are set in a permanent, unmoving, timeless, casing of clear doming Ice Resin. 


Some of Timeless Curiosity's Work

This is some of Timeless curiosity’s work we have at Little Blue Budgie. Please contact us with any inquires of pieces available.  

Shop prices range from £12.50 to £25.00