Rhian Winslade's work ranges from beautifully crafted porcelain decorations to hand-built modern functional and sculptural pieces
She loves 1950’s textile design and the simplicity of children’s illustrations, drawing inspiration from her allotment and the south coast of Wales where she grew up.  She spends far too much time staring out of her workshop window bird watching!
She cannot throw anything away and some of the fabric work contains scraps from her children’s clothes; the glass in the glazed pots is from her mother’s car windscreen collected the day Rhian’s first child was born. 

Oak Leaf


'Great Oaks from little acorns grow " Each unique decoration in made from hand-cut rolled porcelain. The attached acorn is made from a real acorn cup, from Windsor Great Park, which is very close to my workshop. A porcelain acorn is then added. The decoration is hung with a very fine natural twine with a recycled card label attached which reads ‘Great oaks from little acorns grow’. Each decoration comes in a presentation box lined with old map paper, making it a perfect gift.


Oval Tree


A beautiful hand rolled porcelain tree decoration with a porcelain hanging bird in the centre. The tree is minimally decorated with turquoise, deep blue or green dots. The bird is attached with wire and decorated with glass beads. Each decoration comes in a box lined with paper making it a perfect present.




Hand rolled and cut porcelain star. The star has a delicate pattern impressed into the clay and has my characteristic hanging bird. The star is slightly larger than my other decorations 12 cm long/9 cm wide. Each decoration comes in a box lined with paper.


Tree, Standing


A small decorative tree made from MDF & decorated with porcelain flowers & buds. The tree is 10cm tall.