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Drifting Herons-Wing Division

We started our Drifting Herons adventure in 2016 with the launch of driftwood sculptures; collecting driftwood and any other materials washed up onto our local beaches, making sailing boats, fishing boats, birds, Christmas trees and anything else that we feel would work with what we find washed up!

In 2018 we started Drifting Herons-Wing Division, with a different type of recycling. We began to experiment with the tin can (empty!) These are used for all sorts of pleasure drinks. Spirit mixers, ales, energy, water and many more various empty cans that we discovered or were handed to us from friends and family, after the contents were they enjoyed!

The tin can has move on from years gone by. We cannot leave the house without seeing amazing cans everywhere we go. Designs, colours and some textures of the tin can are now absolutely fabulous and we felt it was something we should use, so began the jewellery.

We absolutely love what we do.

100% handmade by us!

100% Fun!

When tinkering with metals came the..........

............Made With “The Tin Can” (TTC)
Lovely, unique, light weight Aztec Earrings
Hung on ‘new’ sterling silver ear wires.

From this, too.................andthis!

Did you know?

......Two-thirds ever made is still in existence!

Symbol Al and atomic number 13, third most abundant element in the earth’s crust.


Strong, durable, flexible, impermeable, light-weight, corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable

Heart 2 Earrings


Heart 3 Earrings


Heart Earrings


Leaf Earrings


Surf Earrings