Little Blue Budgie


Martha threw back the covers and bounced out of bed.
I bent down to look under the bed.
I didn't even have the energy to get out of bed.
Tidy up your room. And don't forget to make your bed!
I want to finish off this essay before I go to bed.

4ft 6 Bed Double

Inspired by beauty to look forward to. Skilfully made from solid oak and oak veneers. The otherwise solid headboard features a charming cut-out detail that echoes the door and drawer handles on other pieces in the range while the curved edges on the tapered legs and the rounded corners on the top of the footboard and headboard also add to its charm.

Solid Oak with Oak Veneers Size;H:87 cm W:150 cm D: 206 cm 

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5ft Bed King

Influenced by the timeless beauty of Scandinavian furniture it features the same curved edges tapered legs and rounded corners as the rest of the range a cut-out detail in the otherwise solid headboard perfectly echoes the recessed door and drawer handles that feature on the other furniture.

Solid Oak with Oak Veneers Size; H:87 cm W:165 cm D: 214 cm


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