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Atlantic Puffin, Clown of the Sea, collective noun suitably a “Circus”, is among the most recognisable and much loved birds in the UK. But, typical clowns, there’s a tinge of melancholy to their tale.

Let’s start with what a Puffin actually is. It’s an Auk, a family of upright black and white sea birds whose most notable characteristics are being a bit clumsy on land but having the ability to “fly” underwater - Puffins can descend to 60m in pursuit of their favourite meal of Sand Eels, buried in the sea floor - and who spend more time at sea than anywhere else. In that respect they’re like Penguins, although totally unrelated, and Auks have the advantage of being able to fly. Puffins are possibly the squattest of Auks, tiny bi-coloured dumplings, carrot coloured legs, splashes of red and yellow around the bill.

Birds founder and creator Stuart Cox

As a designer, what made me focus on birds?

“Coming from a family of birdwatchers it’s in my DNA, but we’re a nation of bird nuts so I’m in good company!”

“I grew up watching birds in a suburban garden, and I Like Birds is driven by my passions for nature, design, nostalgia for childhood and the ‘stuff’ my mum collected.”

“There’s a near universal appeal to birds and, whether you’re urban or rural, they’re always around and always raise a smile.”

“Their unique behaviours, the often overlooked but colourful plumage of British birds, and the fact that we assign meaning to them either personally or via folklore. They provide a rich and fun source material. For some reason all of those elements resonate with our fans.”

“It’s always good to know that what you do makes people happy.”

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