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Stuart Cox - I like Birds - Clocks

Birds founder and creator Stuart Cox
As a designer, what made me focus on birds?

“Coming from a family of birdwatchers it’s in my DNA, but we’re a nation of bird nuts so I’m in good company!”

“I grew up watching birds in a suburban garden, and I Like Birds is driven by my passions for nature, design, nostalgia for childhood and the ‘stuff’ my mum collected.”

“There’s a near universal appeal to birds and, whether you’re urban or rural, they’re always around and always raise a smile.”

“Their unique behaviours, the often overlooked but colourful plumage of British birds, and the fact that we assign meaning to them either personally or via folklore. They provide a rich and fun source material. For some reason all of those elements resonate with our fans.”

“It’s always good to know that what you do makes people happy.”

I Like Birds Wall Clock Blue Tit


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I Like Birds Wall Clock Woodpecker


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