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Tregear Pottery

Situated on the rugged south coast of the Isle of Wight, Tregear Pottery produces a beautiful range of handmade stoneware pottery.  Each piece is made from a fine white stoneware clay. The work is hand decorated in a variety of designs – all drawing their inspiration and influences from the exceptional beauty of the surrounding landscapes.#

Neil Tregear
Potter & Founder of Tregear Pottery

Trained in Kyoto, Japan, in porcelain throwing, Neil’s passion for pottery has seen his work travel across the globe. Neil continually pushes and challenges the work at Tregear Pottery, refining glazes, developing new designs and expanding the studio. Neil has been awarded with a number of grants, international show selections, and other distinguishments for the quality of his work.

Bowl With Central Well

16cm or 19cm Diameter 




Cone Jug

Three Sizes: 13cm £34.50.  18cm £48.50.  23cm £74.50



Cylinder Lamp

Lamp Base £110 



Dipping Bowl


12 cm Daimeter


Shallow Dish

Diameter 9 cm Height 4 cm