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The term lifestyle can denote the interests, opinions, behaviours, and behavioural orientations of an individual, group, or culture

A way of living of individuals, families and societies, which they manifest in coping with their physical, psychological, social, and economic environments on a day-to-day basis.
Lifestyle is expressed in both work and leisure behavior patterns and in activities, attitudes, interests, opinions and values. It also reflects people's self image or self concept; the way they see themselves and believe they are seen by the others. Lifestyle is a composite of motivations, needs, and wants and is influenced by factors such as culture, family, reference groups, and social class.

Lifestyle may include views on politics, religion, health, intimacy, and more. All of these aspects play a role in shaping someone's lifestyle. In the magazine and television industries, "lifestyle" is used to describe a category of publications or programs.

Alcohol: Soviet Anti-alcohol Posters (Hardback)

Damon Murray (author), Stephen Sorrell (author)

Publisher: FUEL Publishing 
ISBN: 9780993191152 
Number of pages: 248 
Weight: 550 g 
Dimensions: 199 x 120 x 28 mm


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Bittersweet: Noma Bar (Paperback)

Noma Bar (author), Michael Bierut (author)

A career retrospective of one of the world's most inventive contemporary illustrators, curated by the artist
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd 
ISBN: 9780500021293 
Number of pages: 400 
Weight: 1650 g 
Dimensions: 288 x 230 mm


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Editors: John O’Reilly & Gestalten

As the demand for work in illustration continues to grow, this medium is becoming a key component in the fields of advertising, communication, and reporting. Illusive, the definitive reference of contemporary illustration, showcases the work of both established names and new talents from around the world.

The book demonstrates the dynamism of this creative technique, documents global trends, and features an impressive variety of illustration styles and design approaches spanning from luscious fashion sketches to unapologetic protest images. Its scope makes Illusive a rich source of ideas for illustrators, painters, and all visual artists, as well as for graphic and editorial designers.


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Russian Criminal Tattoos and Playing Cards

A unique insight into the design of hand-made Soviet prison playing cards and their link to the Russian criminal underworld.

This book reveals the importance of playing cards in Russian criminal culture. The hand-made decks are beautiful works of art in their own right. Prohibited by the prison authorities, they are constructed from innocuous materials procured from the everyday routine of prison life. During construction both the cards and their designs are adroitly manipulated so they can be ‘read’. Once complete the ‘virtuoso’ player prowls the prison, searching for a suitable victim. This complete process is described here for the first time. Extensive diagrams show how the cards are made, while decks of actual prison cards are reproduced in facsimile. 

The book also features a further 180 photographs from the Arkady Bronnikov collection. The texts and captions accompanying these images reveal the connection between the criminal hierarchy, tattoos and playing cards. The respect commanded by any criminal was directly related to his ability to play, and win, at cards. The game was viewed as a means to demonstrate cunning and bravado. Failure to pay a gambling debt could result in a forcibly applied pornographic tattoo, lowering their bearer’s status. The loser would also be made to pay the ‘pricker’ (tattooist). Fingers, ears, even eyes, might be lost – cut off in the presence of other prisoners as witnesses.

Arkady Bronnikov  (Author), Damon Murray (Author), Stephen Sorrell (Author)


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Vinyl . Album . Cover . Art

The definitive catalogue of seminal design collective Hipgnosis, showcasing ground-breaking cover art for the all-time greatest rock & roll bands such as the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd

The complete, definitive and never-before-published catalogue of Hipgnosis, Vinyl • Album • Cover • Art finally does justice to the work of the most important design collective in music history, which, according to Roddy Bogawa, director of the documentary Taken by Storm (2011), ‘designed half your record collection’. 


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