Little Blue Budgie

Richard Cranfield. Driftwood

@ Drifting Herons 

The abstract and tactile nature of driftwood is an infinite source of inspiration to me. Using driftwood, gathered locally from the beaches near my home in Devon, and other reclaimed materials, I aim to recycle and create beautiful and quirky sculptures, which move in simple and interesting ways. Each piece of driftwood is selected for its individuality, aesthetics and sculptural potential. The sculptures are then finished with beach finds, gathered along the tide line at low tide; fabric, luminous copper and tree bark add light, movement and texture.

Each individual piece of driftwood has an untold story and I am inspired by the romanticism of the journey it has taken before being revitalised and rejuvenated from functional.... to fun.

A Guiding Light


Drifting Herons is back in 2018 with its first boat sculpture. I will be interested where they go over the year? Will try and keep on the smaller size, as were getting rather large last year!
I am going to call my first sculpture this year ‘Guiding Light’ as I have made a patina copper cone which is the correct size for a tea light candle, or any other size candle that would fit.
All plastic’s I have used in the net and wooden bucket are collected off our local beaches! The base, hull and wheel house are all from the River Dart with the remainder collected off Blackpool Sands. The copper is from Cornwall.

Size: 38 cm Length, 27 cm High, 12 cm Width.


DH Free Spirit

A Gaff Rigged Cutter, Ready For Regatta.

This has definitely been my hardest and biggest challenge to date. Due to the weight of the copper sails sadly my first mast which I have to say was hard to find as it needed to be so tall snapped whilst I was doing the rigging. So it was back to the drawing board to decide how to have a driftwood mast but with the strength of steel. The outcome was to use a steel rod then drill holes in random pieces of driftwood and slide over the steel, and here we have a new mast.

The base collected off the River Dart is from an old Fairmile B motor launch used during the war off the South Coast of Devon, the edge has been covered with patina copper. The Hull and cabin were collected from up the Creek off the river Dart, with the remainder of driftwood from Blackpool Sands. The sails, flags and rudder are made with Patina copper. Copper wire is used for the rigging.

All our sculptures are cleaned (sterilised), dried, then preserved with a Renaissance Microcrystalline Wax Polish.

Length 70cm, Height 71cm, Width 9cm.