Little Blue Budgie

JJ Vincent

As an essentially self-taught artist, my natural tendency is to want to do, make and understand everything.Knowing that this is probably a short cut to insanity, I have given myself a revised brief - Just make animals from mud. The mud I use is a sophisticated blend of nature's materials, but still, just dirt and water. I initially thought that focusing on the animal kingdom might be a bit restricting, but if you include plankton and killer whales, not to mention occasional invented beasts, I think there will be enough to keep me busy.

I am fascinated by the fact that we can take the stuff that is lying about in, on and under the ground and with a bit of imagination, produce something that has the potential of recording our feelings and responses to the world around us.


Each of JJ's sculptures is a one off. 

Large Hares

Ears up and eyes open appox 43cm tall                                                                                             Ears Up £175

Ears down and eyes closed approx 35cm                                                                                    Ears Down  £155


Medium Hare

Approx 33cm tall and with eyes open.                                                                                                     £125.00


Small Hare

Approx 21cm tall                                                                                                                     Eyes Closed £70

                                                                                                                                                      Eyes Open £85